Knee Ligament injury? ACL Arthroscopy Surgery at ASIC Indore
Successful knee ligament & meniscus surgery : patient testimonial of surgery by Dr Tanmay Chaudhary
Patient testimonial of Knee Arthroscopy Surgery at ASIC Indore
Motto of INDOCON 2022 : Annual Conference of AOSI ( Association of Orthopaedic Surgeon Indore)
Every Knee Pain does not require replacement : salvage Knee
Degenerative Posterior Medial Meniscus Root Tear of Rt Knee
Knee Arthroscopy Surgery : Rt Knee ACL Recon + Medial Meniscus Peripheral longitudinal Tear : Repair
Traumatic Medial Meniscus Post. Root Tear : Arthroscopic Root Repair done at ASIC Indore
Knee Plica : A'scopic View at ASIC Indore
Lateral Meniscus Radial Tear Repair ( All inside technique )
Meniscus Root Tear : A common cause of knee pain : Meniscus Root Repair Arthroscopic Surgery
Post Shoulder surgery follow up of Rotator cuff tear : Arthroscopy Shoulder Rotator cuff repair
ACL Reconstruction ( Hamstring graft ) with Trephination of Lateral Meniscus : Knee Arthroscopy
Knee Arthroscopic view of Lt knee ACL ( Anterior Cruciate Ligament) surgery
Pre - conference IBOS 2020 Indore Media interaction by Co - Organising secretary Dr Tanmay Chaudhary
Knee arthroscopy All inside Meniscus repair : Lateral meniscus Longitudinal tear Posterior 3rd
Left Knee Arthroscopy + ACL Reconstruction ( hamstring graft ) + Meniscus Repair ( Lateral meniscus)
Meniscus repair in ACL torn knee -knee arthroscopy : all inside and inside out tech at ASIC, Indore
Shoulder Arthroscopy Bankart’s Repair Lt Shoulder ( Recurrent dislocation of shoulder)
Hamstring Graft Harvest Semitendinosus tendon
Meniscus Repair Of Horizontal Tear Of Meniscus Using All Inside Technique & Device
12 Weeks Post Rotator Cuff Arthroscopic Repair Surgery Patient With Good Cuff Strength
ACL Tear - Knee Arthroscopy view : ACL reconstruction with hamstring graft
ACL Reconstruction Surgery : Knee Arthroscopy : Femoral tunnel insertion of hamstring ACL graft
All Inside Repair Of Horizontal Tear Of Lateral Meniscus